Social Responsibility

To grow in a sustainable way and to manage in a socially responsible manner, creating partnership in the construction of a fairer society. This is the premise of Social Responsibility, from which the conscience and mature organizations like Quantiza Systems have been conducting their businesses.

Quantiza Systems has, as social goals, to stimulate the exercise of citizenship, the practice of volunteer work, to aid in the construction of a better society and to insert young professionals into the labor market.

To make those goals come true, Quantiza:
• In 2007, started the Abrace – Social and Corporative Responsibility Program, that aims to strengthen practices of social responsibility by mobilizing the employees; this is the challenge of the Abrace Program, to awake on the company the search for sustainable development and a better world.
• Stimulates the volunteer work, making available time during the work hours for this practice.
• Reserves a monthly budget to invest in social actions.
• Contributes to the insertion of young professionals into the labor market by participating of the Estágios (Internship) Program and the Menor Aprendiz (young apprentice).

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