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Our main product is software development, based on specific solutions and a solid know-how, to provide the most innovative and technical solution, all of that, to improve the Customer’s processes and core-business performances. Below we list some technological strategies that we use while developing solutions for our customers.

Quantiza has a defined and consolidated development processes called “Processo Unificado Quantiza” – PUQ (Quantiza’s Unified Process). This methodology is integrated in a process using Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for development. We concentrate our efforts on our customer’s business modeling, to then generate the biggest part of the source code. The main advantage is the productivity gain, standardization and quality of our products.

Quantools is a software development environment oriented to code generation from models.

See the Quantools presentation here.

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Client-Server Applications
Our client-server development platform has nearly 20 years of maturing. We have a significant amount of systems developed over this platform.

Its basic structure is:

Desktop Interface :
The desktop systems follow the Windows patterns and offer the users simple tools with great functionalities for their processes and needs. We preferably use the Power Builder tools for desktop systems, but we have the flexibility to use other development tools and technologies.

Web Interface :
The web applications allow system usage with all the flexibility the internet provides. We develop these applications using technologies such as ColdFusion, JSP and PHP, etc while the users access these applications through their web browsers.

The database structures are represented on ER (entity-relationship) models, with its entire structure guarantee by triggers on the database. We preferably use Sybase’s ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) as our solution to databases. All applications have security levels such as access control and encrypted communication to ensure the information is secure but allowing employees, customers and partners to make use of it.

This platform is prepared to support critical applications, being available 24x7, allowing our customers to implement their strategic and operational initiatives faster and with lower costs.

Multilayer Applications
A multilayer application is characterized by its construction on several different layers, where each has a specific responsibility and communicates to the adjacent layers by well defined interfaces. Usually, a multilayer application has at least three layers, being the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. The Model layer condenses the business domain and the application’s business rules in one single layer, making code reuse and maintenance easier. The database serves as a mere data repository, making the system independent of the persistence environment. The View layer, on the other hand, is responsible for presenting the application data to the user and capturing its actions over it. Finally, the Controller manages the information flow, being conceptually between the Model and the View layers.

To create multilayer applications we first develop a software platform to be used as a base for all these applications. This project was developed along with PUCRS at Quantiza’s research laboratory at the PUCRS’s Technological Park (TecnoPUC). In this project we had the consultancy of software engineering doctors from the PUCRS.
The basic structure is:

Application Server:
The Java components that contain the business rules stay on the application server, where the whole infrastructure runs under the J2EE platform. Our platform is compatible with any application server that supports J2EE.

Business Intelligence:
All decision making process is based on having enough information. Quantiza Systems have created a structure to generate information for decision making processes – it is the Quantiza BI template.
Its structure is as follows:

We capture all the management information and model the BI database in order to fulfill those needs. We then search for information in the data sources
We develop applications that allow users to visualize this information on the simpler way possible or use query tools available on the market.

BI Databases
We use Sybase IQ as a data repository, a database of high performance for Business Intelligence, suitable for web systems and designed specifically to meet the BI needs on a new scalability level.

ETL Processes
We develop electronic operators that, usually at night, when the business operations are not so critical, extract data from several sources and feed the BI database.

BI Applications
Depending on the customer’s needs and knowledge, we whether use query tools like Business Object of develop a specific application for those queries. Depending on the customer’s needs and knowledge, we whether use query tools like Business Object of develop a specific application for those queries.

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