Who We Are?

Quantiza Systems was founded in 2004, beginning its history with a relatively large legacy of systems, knowledge and technologies for being born from two other companies - Topázio Informática Ltda. and Intellectus Informática Ltda.-, having, in practical terms, 22 years of experience on systems development. Throughout this period we have succeeded in more than a hundred of projects. The company’s focus is the development and maintenance of information systems, working with technologies such as Powerbuilder, ColdFusion, PHP and Java. We are currently developing systems for diverse business areas such as farms, slaughterhouses, hotels, export agents, etc. Our applications base are e-commerce websites, specific ERP systems and systems integrations.

All of Quantiza’s investments and efforts aim to offer our customers Information Technology services developing software and providing technical consultancy.

To be recognized and admired by our expertise. To be a good place to work, with organized and optimized internal process, where profitability is a fundamental condition.

To provide solutions on information technology services to improve the customers’ processes and competitiveness, recognizing and developing talents and rewarding shareholders.

- Honesty
- Innovation
- Excellence
- Care and privacy of information
- Transparency in relations
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